The courses for which we offer tutoring are subjects that you can't cram for; that is why we provide weekly sessions to augment your normal studies.

If we can help you to really learn the subject, you will be much better prepared for the variety of questions that may be asked on a test.

Not only will these sessions help you get a better grade in the course you are currently taking, but it will also help the one after that.

Our Cast

John Forsyth (AKA Tutor John)

Classes Taught:
Math 141, 142
Stat 301, 302, 303
SCMT 303
Available for:
Math 102, 103, 131, 141, 142, 166, 150, 151, 152, 365, 366
Physics 201, 202
Stat 201, 211, 212, 301, 302, 303
Info 303, 305
Epsy 435
Ag Econ 317
Equivalent courses at other schools.

I started tutoring math and physics right after graduation from A&M in the Fall of 1999. I started with small classes that met in either the library at A&M, or out of a spare bedroom in my house. I have many years experience with the teachers at A&M as well as with different teaching methods. I have worked primarily with small groups, but as my business has expanded I am now able to work with larger groups just as well. Weekly class sizes are restricted so that the quality of my service does not decrease, as class size increases.

As for my education, I have two degrees, one in Physics, and one in Civil Engineering. I was 2 classes short of a Math degree when A&M told me to get out. (I was trying to be a professional student.) I have close to 250 hours on my transcript with a wide variety of subjects.

My Family Motto: Instaurator Ruinae (repairer of ruin).

Chris Sell

Classes Taught:
Acct 209, 229, 230, 327
Finc 341, 409
Acct 315, 316

Available for:
Any Accounting class
Finc 341, 409
Finc 434 (proficiency exam only)

Chris is from the small farming community of Rosebud, about 30 miles Southwest of Waco. He started Texas A&M with a background of Accounting knowledge. Upon entering the Accounting field of study, he began tutoring Accounting 209, 229 and its equivalent at Blinn College. This includes while he took Accounting 229 himself. Over the last few years he has tutored over 5,000 students in various Accounting classes. He works locally as an independent accountant providing tax and bookkeeping services. Chris graduated with a BBA degree in Accounting and plans to attain his MS in Finance in the near future.

Sam Perkins

Classes Taught:
A&M Chem 101, 102
Blinn Chem 1411, 1412
BioChem 410

Available for:
A&M Chem 101, 102, 222, 227, 228
Blinn Chem 1405, 1410, 1411, 1412, 2470
BioChem 410
Ochem 1 and 2
Biology 1
Molecular Biology

Sam is from the small town of Bartlesville, Oklahoma, about 45 minutes north of Tulsa. He completed his PhD in Biochemistry in 2002 from Texas A&M University. He has tutored for TutorJohn for over 5 years in Chemistry, Biology, Organic Chemistry, and Biochemistry. He tutors students from Blinn College, Texas A&M, and for online classes. He also has experience tutoring and helping with Owls and Mastering Chemistry problems.

Stuart Seal

Classes Taught:
Contact him to arrange one

Available for:
Any Physics
Any Math

My name is Stuart Seal. I am 21 years old, born and raised in San Antonio. I was a farmer until I came to A&M where I was in the Corps of Cadets, class of 2015. I am an Actuarial Sciences major with a strong background in Physics. I was on track to get teaching certified until I transferred majors, and I have tutored Math and Physics for a few years, mainly engineering based.

Gaby Arrington

Classes Taught:
Contact her to arrange one

Available for:
College Algebra, Math 142 Math 131

Gaby is a junior Psychology major at Texas A&M, who plans on becoming a clinical psychologist or a child psychologist. She grew up in Dallas, Texas- right next to SMU. She has a solid foundation in psychology and college algebra. She looks forward to meeting y'all!

Centura Anbarasu

Classes Taught:
Contact her to arrange one

Available for:
Any math below 300 level.

Hi, I'm Centura and I'm a junior Biomedical Sciences major and Business minor at Texas A&M from Dallas, TX. I am currently on the pre-med track so after graduating, I plan on attending medical school and ultimately becoming a pediatric cardiologist. I have a solid foundation in math and most science classes.

Hayley Gordon

Classes Taught:
Contact her to arrange one

Available for:
Biology, and basic math

Hayley is a recent grad of Texas A&M with a B.S. in biology and a minor in psychology. She is from the Clear Lake area of Houston. She is currently planning on going into a medical career, so she has a solid foundation in most biology and many other medically oriented courses taught at TAMU and Blinn.

Jon-Michael Ferris

Classes Taught:
Accounting 2301 and 2302

Available for:
A&M Acct 229
Blinn Acct 2301, 2302
Econ 202 and the Blinn equiv.

Jon–Michael is a sophomore Accounting major at Texas A&M, who plans to be a part of the PPA program. He grew up in both Mesquite and Rowlett, Texas — towns located just east of Dallas. His strengths are Accounting, Econ, Management and Business Law. He spends part of his summers working at a local preteen camp, which he attended when he was younger. Jon-Michael is new to Tutor John and looks forward to helping many students.

Nelly Forsyth

Classes Taught:
Contact her to arrange one!

Available for:
Spanish all levels
English all levels

Bio coming soon.

Manuel, Blair, Alyssa, and Gabby

Classes Taught:

Available for:
Any TutorJohn questions you may have

Ashley is the office Manager and is here to answer your questions about class times, class sign-ups, and anything else you can think of asking. She is at the office between 4 PM and 10 PM Monday through Thursday. Email her for general questions at help@tutorjohn.com or call 979-485-8556.

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